Newly Crowned Golf Bitch

Larry Schmitz has reclaimed the shameful title of “Golf Bitch”. Larry was lucky enough to go without this title for several months after he beat me on the final round of our Myrtle Beach trip earlier this year. He overcame a 6 stroke deficit during the remaining five holes to finally give me the title. I have had to live with the shame of losing to Larry for the first time in our many years of playing golf together. He made sure that I didn’t forget about it either. There wasn’t a week that went by that I didn’t receive a voice-mail about how he owned me and about how I should address him as Golf Bitch Daddy. It’s my turn now and I know this isn’t a funny voice-mail, but I think it will do.

So here it is Larry, thanks for being such a shitty golfer!!!! Respect me Golf Bitch.

Myrtle 2010

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Welcome to the Golf Bitch Tracker

Golf Bitches you know who you are!…

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