The Golf Bitch title started years ago when Larry and Ralph thought they were good enough to compete with me on the course. We had made an on going bet that the winner of any round of golf got to refer to the other two players as his Golf Bitches. Along with the sweet title, the two losers had to clean and carry the winners golf clubs the next time we got together to play. This portion of the bet just sort of became forgotten because Ralph and Larry were tired of carrying my bag.  Ralph eventually moved to Hawaii to avoid further embarrassment. He will occasionally show up and play a round with us but he is forever the eternal holder of the title. Larry and I have continued the tradition and he proudly carries the title and lives up to the verbally abusive torment that a Golf Bitch must endure.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about our Golf Bitch bet and feel free to give Larry hell about it.

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